The People Will Not Break—(peru)

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libro The People Will Not Break—(peru)

Doctor Siluk is an American prolific intellectual, which his vast works (poetic, narrative and descriptive), give testimony of his experiences as a traveler for several places in the world. —Lic. Maria Dianderas Vizurraga,Director of the Department of Culture, Junin Region of Peru, February 2012I I wish to express, Dr. Dennis Lee Siluk, my deep gratitude for your promoting of our art and culture which has brought back the richness of our customs and folklore within the Central Andean Region of Peru. —Dr. Jesús Pomachagua, Rector of the National University of Central Peru January 2012 This is the Poet’s 8th Volume on cultural poetry, concerning Peru, in particular within the Mantaro Valley Region of the Andes and its expanse, although it has three other sections (one with several short stories, other poems).This moving, 46th book: The People Will Not Break… carries the craft, perception and imagery of a distinguished, award winning poet, writer and artist. It leaps from page to page, with its extravagant, profound, and artful honesty, of an Andean culture slowly fading, and a new one quickly rising. Interwoven are: legends, customs, traditions, the people— lost tales for youth, writings for posterity, extracts from his next book.

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