Tal Como Fue

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libro Tal Como Fue

He was haunted by a spirit in the form of a woman he shouldnt love but did. His dreaming seemed to be telling him something, something important, but he didnt want to know and couldnt understand. But then it began, first with the death of his wife just when things seemed to be getting better. And a disaster of unbelievable proportions. Do we share a common consciousness? If we do, can we tap into it? Do we, as a species, make joint decisions in this common consciousness that have an impact on our physical world? Has it happened before? Is there a way that we can really know? Can we truly change our own reality, or are we victims of Karma or some incredibly sadistic god? Follow one man as he struggles to answer those questions and lives in a world that doesnt seem real. A world that really couldnt be real, could it?

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