Rogelio Salmona

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libro Rogelio Salmona

Catalogue raisonne that documents 21 years of architectural production by outstanding architect Salmona (b. Colombia). Includes a critical text about the spatial and composition resources applied to the large thematic variety of his buildings. Architect Salmonas large production, characteristic for his use of the Colombian brick and strongly influenced by French architect Le Corbusier includes: Low-cost housing projects, public buildings, residences, apartment buildings and urbanization complexes such as: Apartment building Del Polo, Urbanization and Housing complex Timiza and Torres del Parque, the Archivo General de la NaciÑn and the Library Virgilio Barco all in Bogotá, the Casa de Huspedes Ilustres in Cartagena, the Museum Quimbaya in Armenia and the church an parish of Our Lady of Betlehem in Alcala de Henares, Spain. He is so far the only Latin America architect to be honored in 2003 with the Alvar Alto medal prize amongst other national and international recognitions.

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