Pedagogía De La Interioridad

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libro Pedagogía De La Interioridad

PEDAGOGY OF INTERIORITY. To learn how to be oneself. What do we know about ourselves, about our own interior world? Where, how and when do we learn how to discover it and to deepen in it? Nobody doubts that it is important to learn how to situate ourselves in the world that surrounds us, to acquire a personal culture, to be sure of the access to work possibilities and of professional progress. But we also know that it is prior, and fundamental, to understand ourselves, to know who we are, what are our expectations, where we want to go, to find meaning to our life, in short, to be and to learn how to live without allowing life to do it for us. Today it is understood that it is our spiritual intelligence that grants us the capacity for all this. Wont it be important to develop this intelligence in the educational environment? Does it make sense and can a Pedagogy of Interiority be developed from childhood that helps our students and our children to learn how to be themselves, to be persons, and as a result, to live with others respecting the differences of each one? The book offers guides, tools and practical resources to carry this out, first setting down the anthropological and psychological bases that sustain it and inviting the educators to be themselves the first ones involved in discovering, cultivating and developing their own interiority in such a way that they are able to help their students in this beautiful and necessary task.

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