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This book contains a wealth of bread-making recipes that include everything from breads to pizza bases to doughnuts, each accompanied by a vibrant color illustration. A thorough introduction explains the basic steps and variety of ingredients, followed by Bread-Machine Basics, Handy Hints, and Troubleshooting. Following that are dozens of recipes for loaves, cakes, tea breads, and homey favorites, including Olive and Pesto Sourdough Loaf, Boston-Style Brown Bread, Smoky Potato and Corn Bread, Almond Danish Pastries, Chocolate Truffle Cake, French Toast, and many more. The book covers types of flour and shows how to incorporate mouth-watering additions such as nuts, grains, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, herbs, spices, and dried fruits. Different-shaped breads are featured, along with tips on what to do with those leftover bits of dough and bread. The last chapter describes wonderful jams, butters, and spreads that can be paired with these yummy creations.

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