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libro Mi Vida...hasta Ahora

An old popular Spanish adage says Caminante no hay camino , se hace camino al andar which roughly translated means Traveler there is no path, you make the path as you walk. A saying that accurately describes Mi Vida…hasta ahora (My Life…until now). This book puts an end to the autobiographical trilogy about the life and accomplishments of Doctor Luis R. Pastrana Silva. Mi Calle, Mi Barrio, Mi Pueblo , Mi Vida …en uniforme, and this Mi Vida…hasta ahora ( My Street, My Neighborhood, My Town, My Life…in uniform. My Life…until now) By the anecdotes in this book you will undestand that in life there are no inmovible obstacles when it comes to realizing your dreams if you really want to realize the dream. That when it comes to making a dream a reality indeed there is no path and that you must make the path as you walk. In this book you will also come to understand, in this last saga of the trilogy , that there is nothing that defines us more as a person and as an adult that the childhood that our parents gave us. Without a doubt, you will also agree that perseverance is the key that opens each door in front of us during our entire lifetime regardless of the difficulties we may encounter as we build the path. That is what will make us leaders . Mi Vida…hasta ahora leaves us in each narrated adventure with a life experience that will forever remain in the memory of those that decide to read this autobiography by a marvelous author and human being.

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