¡latina Es Poder! (latina Power)

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libro ¡latina Es Poder! (latina Power)

In this empowering guide, Dr. Ana Nogales encourages Latinas to move beyond their expected roles and become the women they wish to be by embracing the seven traits they inherit naturally from their Latino culture: Espíritu Creativo (Creative Spirit) The Aguantadoras (Survivors) Passionate Determination The Comadres (Girlfriends) Networking Ability The Diplomáticas (Diplomats) Discretion The Atrevidas (Risktakers) Courage The Malabaristas (Multitaskers) Balance La Reinas (A Divas) Confidence Each chapter features an interactive element, including a quiz to determine how strong each attribute is in the readers own personality, plus exercises to reinforce each trait. Filled with the personal stories of successful Latinas, including novelist Isabelle Allende, TV journalist Cristina Saralegui, Congresswomen Loretta and Linda Sánchez, Latina magazine founder Christy Haubegger, and entertainer Jaci Velásquez, Latina Power inspires readers to vigorously pursue their own dreams.

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