Las Fronteras De La Ciudadanía En España Y En La Unión Europea

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libro Las Fronteras De La Ciudadanía En España Y En La Unión Europea

The present volume comprises an important part of the communications presented in the II and III Meeting of Young Investigative in Law of Immigration and Asylum celebrated in Barcelona and Girona, respectively. The diversity of contributions to the Meetings has an own entity and coherence that reflects the wide spectrum of research in progress, and that they distinguish it from other works of more systematic character on this area of the Law. With this perspective, the first section collects, under the title Questions of alien status in the Community law and in the internal right , different contributions of transversal and generic area, that they give crossing to an analysis individualized of specific rights and of their limitations in a second section dedicated to the Spanish norm, comprised under the title About the rights and freedoms of the foreign people , the third section of the volume comprises the directly related communications with the right of asylum, which for their own entity deserve an specific treatment. As corollary the reports of the situation of the immigration and the asylum in Ireland, Romania and Germany in the two last years are collected.n

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