La Profesionalización De Las Empresas Familiares

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libro La Profesionalización De Las Empresas Familiares

Family businesses dominate business life in Spain, but we know little about the process of modernizing its management. In the last two centuries these companies and family-controlled groups have had to learn to go beyond their local and regional markets and find ways to adapt to the challenges of three technological revolutions that have changed the way they produce, and to think. The authors of The professionalization of family firms (Pablo Diaz Morlan, Miguel A. López-Morell, Maria Mercedes Bernabe Pérez, José Luis García Ruiz, Elena San Román López, M ª Jesús Segovia Vargas, Susana Blanco García, Javier Moreno Lázaro and Paloma Fernández) highlight how they have managed to preserve their roots at the same time as promoting professional management.

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