La Noche De Los Ruidos/los Ruidos De La Noche

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libro La Noche De Los Ruidos/los Ruidos De La Noche

Luke is a very brave little boy, but when night falls he pulls his sheets up over his eyes with fear. He can’t get to sleep, he’s scared of the darkness that makes his imagination run wild, and he suspects the shadows conceal terrifying creatures who are sneaking up on his bed, or hiding behind the drapes in his room. Every sound in the dark is a new peril. But what is actually making the noises in the night? One of the most common phobias experienced by children is fear of the dark. La noche de los ruidos and Los ruidos de la noche are two versions of the same story, brought together in an original, entertaining book that will help children to overcome their fear of the dark, relax and drift off to sleep.

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