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libro Ingles Que Buen Acento

The system includes: * Two audio CDs with the voice of author Santiago Reynaga as well as four native speakers of English. * An explanation of every major sound in the English language. And many examples.* A comparison of the English sounds with the similar Spanish sound. How do English and Spanish pronunciation differ? Which English language sounds are traps for Spanish speakers? * Each chapter on sounds includes the Listen & Compare section. Hear the difference on CD. Then repeat the English pronunciation. You said it. You did it. * Lessons on advanced aspects of pronunciation, including all the nuances that identify a native speaker of English. Know the difference between strong and weak forms. Master the contractions of everyday conversation. Talk like a native, sound like a native speaker of English! * A section on tongue-twisters and how to untangle them. Readings that target the specific sounds that can give you away as a Spanish first-language speaker and not a native speaker of English.* A handy glossary of false friends (falsos amigos). Learn these and stop being embarrassed by your mistakes in English! And when we say embarrassed, we do not mean embarazado (pregnant), but avergonzado.

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