Graphical Markers And Megalith Builders In The International Tagus, Iberian Peninsula

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libro Graphical Markers And Megalith Builders In The International Tagus, Iberian Peninsula

The spectacular physical presence of the rock engravings of the International Tagus raised in the 1970s the need to explain the symbolic expressions of a population that until then had been described as virtually inexistent and, as a matter of course, of little importance to the cultural panorama of Iberian Late Prehistory. This volume gathers together the research effort of the teams that over the past 25 years have developed archaeological interventions in the central area of the International Tagus. Contents: Preface: Graphical markers and megalith builders in the International Tagus, Chapter 1: Models of integration of rock art and megalith builders in the International Tagus (Bueno Ramirez, P., Balbin Behrmann, R. de. & Barroso Bermejo, R.), Chapter 2: Antes dos agricultores: Unidade e diversidade da ocupacao humana no Medio Tejo durante a Pre-Historia Antiga (Raposo, L.), Chapter 3: The Palaeolithic occupation of the North-eastern Alentejo (Portugal): a geoarchaeological approach (Almeida, N., Deperz, S. & de Dapper, M.), Chapter 4: El primer poblamiento agricola del Tajo extremeno (Cerrillo Cuenca, E.), Chapter 5: The necropolis of Era de la Laguna, Santiago de Alcantara, Caceres, in the context of the megalithism of the central region of the International Tagus (Bueno Ramirez, P., Barroso Bermejo, R. & Balbin Behrmann, R. de.), Chapter 6: Direct actions on rock art. One example – two rockshelters containing post-palaeolithic paintings (Carrera Ramirez, F.), Chapter 7: Arte Rupestre do Vale do Tejo, 35 anos depois (Baptista, A. M.), Chapter 8: Carta arqueologica de Vila Velha de Rodao – uma leitura actualizada dos dados da Pre-Historia Recente (Henriques, F., Caninas, J., & Chambino, M.), Chapter 9: Tombs and Rock Carvings in the Serra Vermelha and Serra de Alvelos (Oleiros – Castelo Branco) (Caninas, J.C., Sabrosa, A., Henriques, F.A.S., Monteiro, J.L., Carvalho, E., Batista, A., Chambino, M., Robles, F., Monteiro, M., Canha, A., Carvalho, L. & Germano,…

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