El Precio Para Ser Medico

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libro El Precio Para Ser Medico

The Product Is You: Positioning Yourself for Success as an Advisor This book is designed to help you figure out how you can use your biggest resource YOU more effectively. Each chapter is packed with a specific strategy and tactics that show you both the Why and the How of personal marketing. The Product Is You demystifies the process of differentiating yourself in the market place. You will learn about a turnkey process known as C.A.L.M. that will help you to Create a compelling message, Articulate that message effectively, Locate your target market, and Motivate them to take action. This book is packed with real life examples and stories that make each strategy easy to understand and apply. Learn how to attract your target market clients with the following strategies: The Mental Thermostat: Expanding your comfort zone to reset your mental thermostat The Product Is You: Positioning YOU for Success with a personal biography The Elevator Speech: Articulating your essence in thirty seconds or less Fishing Where the Fish Are: Locating your target market Your Personal IPO: Creating a compelling Initial Prospect Offering Kit The Referral Stream: Making the referral process more productive and enjoyable Your Marching Orders: Taking stock and applying what you have learned

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