Crónicas De Sangre

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libro Crónicas De Sangre

Blood Chronicles They call them the narco army, their power and territorial control continue to grow. Los Zetas are the most feared armed branch of the Mexican drug cartels, groups of former army members who joined the cartels at the end of the past decade. Now, with new reinforcements, sophisticated weaponry and an increasingly violent streak, they threaten the whole country: they have turned kidnapping, torture, decapitation, and dismemberment into daily events. Blood Chronicles portrays the current Mexican landscape, caught in the grip of organized crimes brutality. In addition to depicting the cruelty employed by rival gangs, these chronicles and articles describe the political, military, and police support enjoyed so far by the cartels. In fact, Ravelo maintains that the real mafia is comprised of those white-collar professionals who inhabit the spaces of power, public office, and the places where crucial decisions are made. This aspect is, unfortunately, disregarded by the presidency.

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