Como Sacar Los Idiotas Del Gobierno

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libro Como Sacar Los Idiotas Del Gobierno

Anyone can trash-talk politicians or bemoan the apathy of the electorate, but How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office explains how to silence that inner cynic and get active. For six months, a group of Latino, black, and other activists worked to develop strategies for positive change through the electoral process. Rather than taking to the streets, or bombing the suburbs, these groups show how to throw the bums out. This book tells the story of 19 cases of successful bum-bumping in the recent past. Examples include young Latino and American activists in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who helped swing a mayoral race and four city council seats, Richie Perezs work with the Justice for Youth Coalition and Prison Moratorium Project in halting construction of a youth prison in New York, and Bostonvote and Massvotes incredible work with low-income and immigrant communities to achieve massive spikes in voter turnout. Essays from 11 writers including Jackie Bray and Davey D share strategies for organizing young and marginalized voters to put progressive candidates in office. Included are lists of potentially close races and maps of key swing states and districts.

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