Commercial Mediation And Arbitration In The Nafta Countries

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libro Commercial Mediation And Arbitration In The Nafta Countries

Appendices. Index. With commentary and analysis on commercial mediation and arbitration provided by some of the leading Judges, Lawyers and Academics in the field, Commercial Mediation and Arbitration in the NAFTA Countries is the definitive source on dispute resolution under NAFTA and also on arbitration and mediation in Canada, Mexico and the United States – on both the National and International level. This work, the result of the efforts of the Canadian, Mexican and United States? governments and the U.S. Mexico Conflict Resolution Center (CRC), which was created in 1994 via United States Congressional funding to promote Arbitration and ADR in the NAFTA region, presents the proceedings of the first-ever conference on mediation and arbitration in the NAFTA countries held in Mexico City in June 1999. This work is not only timely, but a must for anyone involved, either directly or indirectly, in dispute resolution in the region.

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