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I. GENERAL APPROACH 1. Cinema, Article 10.1.d) of the Intellectual Property Law and Article 86.1 of the same, author or authors. Essential Arti-cles of the Intellectual Property Law relative to authors, Ar-ticles 5.1, 1 and 7.1 2. The cinematographic work, Hollywood Oscars, cinematograp-hic work: work with plurality of authors, work of joint creation and not collective 3. Cinematographic work authorship, Article 87 of the Inte-llectual Property Law, reverential reading of the text, Law 17/66 derogated, Article 87 of the Intellectual Property Law contains -for some- a closed list 4. Arguments to defend the co-authorship of directors of photography in the cinematographic work: qui tacet non altrui consentire videtur, the line of argument a simile and the possi-ble analogy game, voluntas legis and voluntas legislatoris 5. Regulation interpretation criteria, Article 3.1 of the Civil Code. Systematic interpretation, Article 87 of the Inte-llectual Property Law presupposes a series of Articles that pre-cede it. The essential element in cinema are the images. Article 10 of the Intellectual Property Law: a list of works not inten-ded to be exhaustive but by way of illustration. Article 3 of the Intellectual Property Law on the cinematographic works of 1966, legislative precedent appropriate for interpreting Article 87 of the Intellectual Property Law 6. Royal Decree 526/2002 of 14 June which regulates measures for fostering and promoting cinematography and making co-production films 7. Photographs, simple photographs and cinematographic pho-tography II. THE MATTER IN THE LIGHT OF HISTORY AND COMPARATIVE LAW 1. The matter in the light of History, with particular refe-rence to Spain: the beginning of cinema, the Berne Convention and its various reviews -Ber lin, 1908, Rome, 1928-, the French Bill on Cinematography of 1939 2. Spanish Law 17/1966 on intellectual property rights in cinematographic works, Article 87 of the current Spanish Inte-llectual Property Law, people who…

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