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libro Paris Eros

After The Erotic Museum of Berlin and The Temple of Venus in Amsterdam, a work on Paris was imperative. Rich of six centuries of gallantry and the world capital of fashion and love, Paris is the symbol of eroticism and joyful pleasures. As a matter of fact, Offenbach has written a hymn to the joy of the senses of the Parisian life. But this city still does not possess an erotic museum comparable to Berlins or Amsterdams. The author, with great liberty, uses a method comparable to Andre Malrauxs by constructing an imaginary museum in this Paris where time and space is infinite, but desires are still present. The exceptional iconography comes from private collections and covers over five centuries of naughty Parisian history. This is accompanied by an academic text, which allows the reader to penetrate in a world that is never vulgar, always subtle and never-ending: eroticism.

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