Dr. House Syndrome

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libro Dr. House Syndrome

Dr. HOUSE SYNDROME is an essay on a type of psychopathic behaviour in some people. It is characterized by the persons unconscious ability to avoid an emotional condition as if it was a physical ailment. These people do not know why they behave well. This is due to dissociation between the cerebral hemispheres. The right brain performs processes bypassing the rationality of the left brain. People with this syndrome have great ability to lie, deceive others. They are always evasive before any questioning about them. They believe feel a physical ailment, but this is only a confused sensation produced by their emotional condition. They are become addicted to drugs as a way to alleviate their discomfort. They develop great ability to manipulate others. These persons become unhappy, unfulfilled, lonely and with a knack for simulation. Perhaps you are a person with the Dr. House Syndrome and you not know it. Maybe in your environment you have people with the syndrome and not know recognize them. Here, we explore the symptoms of psychopathic behaviour and potential factors of its genesis. To facilitate understanding of this behaviour, it is taken as an example the main character in the television show House M.D.

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