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Available only in Spanish (QUOTEChile: Estrategia para Elevar la Competividad Agricola y Aliviar la Pobreza RuralQUOTE).Examines the causes of the recent decline in the growth of Chilean agriculture and the implications for rural poverty and suggests an appropriate policy response. Available in Spanish only.Chilean agriculture has experienced a reduction in competitiveness since about 1990, following more than a decade of rapid agricultural growth and a reduction in rural poverty. This study examines the causes of the recent decline in the growth of Chilean agriculture and its implications for rural poverty. Is the resulting slowdown in investment and growth, which is similar to the postwar experiences of Europe, Japan and Korea, intrinsic to middle- income, rapid-growth countries?The study suggests an appropriate policy response consistent with the need to maintain high growth rates in the national economy and continued reductions in the incidence and severity of rural poverty. The study emphasizes that although growth in the agricultural sector is critical to rural poverty alleviation, it is an insufficient policy response–rural poverty must be addressed both directly and explicitly.

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