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Bilingual Cooking: La Cocina Bilingue has exotic recipes, both spicy & mild, easy & challenging, from throughout Latin America. Recipes are in English & Spanish on facing pages for easy comparison of the two languages. This cookbook overcomes the language barrier! You can communicate with kitchen help that are not fluent in English. The reader can become a gourmet chef & linguist at the same time. There are from scratch recipes that manifest the art & love of cooking as well as modern short-cuts that micro-wave in minutes. You can learn some Spanish (or English) while you prepare tasty meals that will nourish your family & impress guests. This is a must for every home that is bilingual, or that aspires to be. Travelers can recreate dishes that they sampled while visiting Latin America. Binational families will finally have communication with their in-laws. The rich culinary tradition of Mexico can be passed on to the next generation. This book is completely in tune with In One Ear Presss flair for friendly foreign language learning.

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